Running a Synthetic Track For The First Time: Aviation Track Park

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Being new to running, I've never ran on a track before.  But when I moved half a mile from a track, I knew I found another home for my running.

The Aviation Park Track in Redondo Beach has a porous synthetic track.  For those of you who don't know much about porous synthetic tracks they're cushion-y and prevent injury.  Paved roads and asphalt tracks are more likely to cause stress fractures due to the impact.  This track has the usual 400 meter length, which makes each lap 0.25 miles and counting your distance easier!

Since I've been running outside on the sidewalk frequently I thought it'd be nice to change it up.  I definitely like running on a track.  It's a lot less impact on my knees, which my knees really like, after swimming competitively for 12 years when I was younger.  I also like that I don't get interrupted by stop lights or people on the sidewalk who are in my way.

Cons?  There's no uphill, or downhill, so a track wouldn't be sufficient training for a half marathon.  But I do like it for sprinting (gotta get that time up somehow!).


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