Manhattan Beach Living: The Strand Running Path

The Strand, Manhattan Beach
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The Strand has easily become one of the most frequent places I go ever since I moved to South Bay/Manhattan Beach.  The Strand starts in Redondo Beach and ends in Santa Monica.  My typical run starts in Manhattan Beach, down to Hermosa Beach, then back to Manhattan Beach.  This makes my run about 3-4 miles each time.  Then I sit under the Manhattan Beach pier to cool down or jump in for a post-run ocean dip.

I love The Strand because it can get pretty boring running, especially when you're training for a half marathon.  The Strand is filled with fellow runners, bicyclists, old couples walking, young couples in love.  Plus you get the best seats to people watching on the beach:  volleyball players, tourists, etc.  The path is pretty flat, so I can't get sufficient training for my half marathons here, but oh that ocean dip at the end.  ♥

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