Week Workout Recap: January 11-17, 2015 (LA Marathon Training: Week 1 of 8)

As I get closer and closer to my half marathons and (first!!!) full marathon, I thought it'd be fun to keep track of my progress and workouts.  I have Surf City in less than 2 weeks, and LA Marathon in less than 2 months!  As you may or may not know, I've been recovering from an IT band injury that started in early October of last year.  I thought rest would be the hardest part, but I was wrong!  I've truly had to modify the way I run, the way I breathe while I'm running, the mileage I put in, as well as making time for yoga, foam rolling, stretching, cross/strength training, and eating a healthy and well balanced diet that is complimentary to my training.

Creating a schedule and keeping both my office and home refrigerator/pantry packed with healthy foods have been the building blocks needed to stick to my training plan.  Here's what week 1 of 8 for LA Marathon training looked for me:

LA Marathon Training - Week 1 of 8:

Monday: 3 flat miles on the strand.
Tuesday: 3 hilly miles around my neighborhood, finishing the last mile on the track.
Wednesday:  1.5 hours power yoga.
Thursday:  Rest, and "juicing".  I put this in quotes because I still had greek yogurt with chia seeds in the morning, as well as a hard boiled egg and slices of deli turkey for lunch in addition to my juices.  I'm a big believer that juicing should compliment your diet, not restrain it (more on that later!).
Friday:  2 miles of interval running in the morning and carb loading for my long run with whole grain pasta with lemon, chicken, and parsely prepared by my girl, Lauren, at night.
Saturday:  11 flat miles on the strand with DTLA Running Group.

Total mileage:  29 miles
Total cross training: 1.5 hours

I ended my week with rest and much needed fun at a pop-up party located in an art gallery in West Hollywood with my one of my favorite runners and friends, Lauren.