Two-A-Day in LA: NRC SpeedRun + NTC with SIX:02 - April 2, 2015

April 2, 2015 was an awesome day in LA for me.  My morning started with Nike Run Club (NRC) on top of the AT&T Transamerica Building -- a 32-story, 138 m (453 ft) skyscraper in the South Park neighborhood of Los Angeles.  (It's the 32nd tallest building in Los Angeles!)

We were welcomed by the Nike LA family with T-shirts that read: "Force of Nature" and Nike Free 3.0 Flyknit's to trial.

Of course, Becca, Elle, and I had to take a "shoe-fie" of our trial kicks.

We did our team cheer (Ahhhhh! Swoosh!), and we were off to the top of the AT&T Transamerica building. 

Our gym was literally a circle of treadmills 138 meters above the ground.

My group was led by Coach Blue Benadum:

We did a speed workout with varying speeds, Blue would call out 5K, 10K, or Half Marathon, and we would change the speed on our treadmills according to what he was calling out.  But to be honest, it was hard not get distracted by the sick view.

View from my treadmill!

I look ridiculous when I run!

The session only lasted about 30 mins, then we got some group and individual shots in:

I went to work for the next 9 hours, then I had the opportunity to do an exclusive Nike Training Club (NTC) workout with SIX:02 in Santa Monica.

We got dressed up in Nike Free TR 5's, and we off to the roof of the Shangri-La hotel.

Jamaica and I before our NTC workout on the roof of the Shangri-La.

My legs were pretty dead after my morning speed session with NRC, but I managed to keep up with these super fit girls.

When we got back to the SIX:02 store in Santa Monica, we were all surprised with Nike Free 4.0 Flyknits and entries to NTC Tour Los Angeles, which I was completely stoked about!

 These are the days I feel so blessed to be living in Los Angeles.

Needless to say I was completely exhausted by the time I got home and knocked out right after my amazing hot shower.  I foresee big things in the future for both NRC and SIX:02, can't wait to see them unfold!

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