Halloween Costumes: Getting Creative With Your Workout Clothes

If you're like me, I don't like to spend tons of money on a cheesy Halloween costume that looks like it cost $10 to make.  And between my short runs, tempo runs, long runs, cross training, and working full time I don't have much time to sew up a costume on my rusty sewing machine either.  So I did a little internet searching and found a few costumes that you could whip up with the workout clothes that you already have in your closet.

  • Let's Get Physical: Put on your brightest tights and dig up your leg warmers from that one winter trip to New York City years ago.

    • Baseball/Football/Basketball/Hockey Player:  If you're a big fan of watching sports like me, that means you have just as many jerseys as I do.  I think that I have two jerseys from every single type of professional Los Angeles team out there.  In fact, this year I plan to dress up as a UCLA football player (GO BRUINS!).

    • Forrest Gump:  Throw on some running clothes and a beard.

    • Boxer:  Last year for Halloween I was a boxer.  I just threw on some red shorts, my favorite sports bra, and grabbed my boxing gloves.  I also used a YouTube makeup tutorial here to draw on a fake bruise on my eye.

    Whatever you decide to dress up as, just make sure you have fun and you're safe out there!


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