Part 1: #WeRunChamonix: Chamonix, France and Courmayeur, Italy

What was your most epic run?  It was the first thing they asked us as we sat among complete strangers who had only one thing in common at the time:  a passion for running.  With over a thousand miles logged on my Nike+ Running app hundreds of runs flashed through my mind.  I remembered the first half marathon I trained for in Vancouver, running through pitch black at 3am during Ragnar So Cal, and the time I slipped on another runner's banana peel during my first full marathon.  In just a little over a year, running took me to three countries, a handful of states, and over a dozen cities.  And now here I was sitting in Chamonix, with hand selected runners from all over the world about to go on 4 epic runs.

Even before I arrived to Chamonix, Nike's attention to detail was nothing short of amazing:

When we arrived in Geneva, we were immediately taken to our chalet (cabin) in Chamonix, France, where we would be spending the next few days:

Home is where the Nike+ flag is!

We each shared a room with one other Nike+ user that was selected, and arrived to find outfits laid out for us:

Then we were off on our first run, a 3.75 mi shakeout run not to far from the chalet in Chamonix, France:

We returned to the chalet where we were greeted by glasses of champagne and an unreal view from our patio:

On day 2 we turned our 'Bonjour's' into 'Buongiorno's' as we "power-hiked" through Courmayeur in Italy.  We ran 7.41 mi with over 2,700 ft gain in elevation.  Needless to say, the uphill struggle was definitely worth it.

To put that in perspective for you Americans, our run in Courmayeur was like climbing up the Sears' Tower stairs in Chicago, twice!  By day 2 we had already run in two different countries, but most importantly we were building new (running) friendships that would defy borders.

Stay tuned for Day 3 and 4 of my #WeRunChamonix adventure!