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Review: adidas Pure Boost X

Monday, February 1, 2016

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I love my Nike's.  But I'm always up for trying new shoes and new products.  So when I got invited to the adidas Pure Boost X shoe launch last week (more on that later), I was really excited to test out these shoes.  I was actually quite impressed with the adidas Ultra Boost (more on that later too), so when I heard that this shoe was specifically tailored for the "anatomy of a woman's foot" I couldn't wait to go for a run in them.

A little about the shoe -- adidas states they have been designing this shoe for about 3 years.  Their website description of the shoe boasts that the Pure Boost X was made for runners with a neutral gait, their snug, sock-like upper delivers nonrestrictive arch support so you can move with instinct, while a boost™ midsole invigorates every step with light, fast energy.  In addition there is a "floating arch" for additional arch support, I assume.

So to better understand my review, it'd help to know a little about my running and what I normally run in.  When I'm healthy (meaning injury free), I have a neutral gait/mid-foot strike.  I also have a normal arch.  I train in the Nike Pegasus, and run my races in the Nike LunarTempo.  This is because the Pegasus provides a little more cushion, making it ideal for longer runs and for logging a lot of miles in.  The LunarTempo is significantly lighter, however I found that it wears out very easily, so I like to save them for race day to feel lighter on my feet and also to save a little money by not having to buy LunarTempos over and over.  I put all of the specs of these shoes in an awesome little table for you guys:

adidas Pure Boost X
Nike Pegasus 32
Nike LunarTempo
Weight: 6.5 ounces (size 7)
Weight: 8.6 ounces (size 8)
Weight: 6.2 ounces (size 8)
Stack Height: 25.5mm (Heel), 16.5mm (Forefoot)
Stack Height: 29mm (Heel), 19mm (Forefoot)
Stack Height: 26mm (Heel), 18mm (Forefoot)
Runner type: Neutral
Runner type: Neutral
Runner type: Neutral
Price: $120
Price: $110
Price: $100

When I first tried the adidas Pure Boost X, I was in love.  As someone who's not a fan of the "sock-like" fit, I found that these actually fit quite well.  I have a bit of wider foot at the top of my foot that slims down towards the bottom of my foot.  This shoe definitely "hugs" where I want it to hug (my arch), and gives a little in other places.

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As a "natural runner", I think that this shoe definitely encouraged me to run with proper form, however I found that these did not give me significant cushion in my forefoot area.  In fact, even after a short 2 mile run, I could already feel the impact in my forefoot.  And when I put together the little table above it made total sense, since it's 2-3 mm thinner in the forefoot area than the shoes I already run in (but still not lighter in weight than my beloved LunarTempos).  Which made me think these might be more suitable for the occasional heel striker since there is a little more cushion in the heel area.  In adidas' defense, they did warn me that these shoes were for a 10K length or shorter, so as a marathon runner maybe I'm being a bit too critical (but hey, I'm picky with shoes!).

I did like the fit when we were training though. It's great to have such a snug fit when you're doing cross training that involves fast movements like boxing or stairs.

As for using these for running, I'd say that I'd still be more likely to take my LunarTempos out for a speed run/race day, and my Pegasus' out for longer/training runs.  Still, I do have to admit, I'm totally diggin' how this sock-like fit make my feet look so small!


  1. Thanks so much for your review! Looking into the Adidas subscription box and it includes a pair of the pure Boost X shoes. I'm a Nike Pegasus girl myself (though I'll have to look into the LunarTempos!!) I noticed you sized down an entire size for the Adidas. Did you find that they still fit comfortably? I wear a 9 in the Pegasus. :)

    1. Hi! That was actually all I could find on the internet in terms of weight of the shoe. I wear a 8 in the pegasus, a 8.5 in the lunartempo (runs small due to a small toe box), and an 8 in the pure boost X and ultraboost. I find that adidas wears slightly bigger than true to size. Hope that helps!

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