5 Positive Things Social Media Brought Into My Life

There's no doubt that social media is a part of our every day lives now.  When I hear people say "social media shouldn't matter", I smile, because the fact is that it does.  What was once something that was a trend for the young, has become widespread for all ages.  In fact, when I meet my parents for dinner, my mom never fails to mention/question something she saw on my Facebook.  And while I agree that social media should never define or consume you, nor should you base your worth on the number of likes that you get or believe everything you see online; I do think that social media can do a lot more positive than negative in your life, if you just let it.  So here it is the 5 positive things that social media has brought into my life.

1.  Tell My Story.

We all have one.  My fitness journey started because I was in a dark place in my life.  And you can see it in my photos.  And though I haven't gone into intimate detail of the crazy things I was trying to overcome, you can feel it my captions.  We all are fighting our own battles, and the fantastic thing about social media, is that even when you're feeling more alone than you have ever felt there is someone out there going through something similar.

2.  Meet Like Minded Individuals From All Over The World.

I can't tell you how many times I've run into people I follow on Instagram at a race or event.  With social media your network not only expanded to the entire world it expanded to an entire world with the same interests and values as you.  Not only have I met people I genuinely connect with and can be my complete self with,  I've also found a supportive space.  We share workouts, recipes, frustrations, progress, setbacks, heartbreaks, new crushes -- everything you can think of from fitness to beyond.  And no matter how many miles we have between us, we feel like we are a tribe.

3.  Motivation!
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Seriously though, I see you all!  It's always surreal to me when someone tells me I'm inspirational, because the truth is, I'm always looking for inspiration in all of you.  It isn't easy getting up two hours before work to get a workout in (hello two-a-days!).  Or getting home from work, and just wanting to stay in bed for the rest of the day.  Then I open up Instagram or Twitter and see you all out there doing work and it gets me off of my butt and into a workout!

4.  Share Resources.
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Thank you for all of the yummy and healthy recipes.  Thank you for all of the race codes that help save me some money.  Thank you for all of the workout tips.  Thank you for all of the tempo workouts.  Thank you for reminding me to sign up for the TCS NYC Marathon lottery.  Thanks for letting me know about that extra medal I get on my last marathon for running a Ragnar Relay.  Thanks for letting me know that Flywheel's first class is free.  Thanks to social media information is accessible and in real time.  So let's use this easy access to knowledge to our advantage!

5.  Communicate Better.

No one ever believes me, but I used to be really, really shy.  That loud girl I am that you can hear from a mile away at run club used to be this quiet girl who has difficulty coming out of her shell.  Before social networking, we were the odd balls that would rather sleep early on Friday to prep for our Saturday morning long runs than go out for drinks.  By publicizing our interests, we've all sort of become these microexperts in running, yoga, swim, or whatever we decide to post.  And for me, it's been easier to talk to people I've just met, knowing we already have so much in common.

In my "confessional" at a recent adidas event, they asked me what I think about social media, and my possible influence on others with my social media accounts.  And the truth is, I'm just a regular person.  I work a 9-5 job just like all of you.  I try to get workouts in between keeping up with work, family, and having a social life.  You all inspire me everyday because I see all of the work you all put in despite everything else going on your life.  And I hope I do the same for you.

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