SoulCycle Vs. FlyWheel: Who Does It Better?

I used to hate spinning.  I mean really hate spinning.  When it first came into my life, it just "did not compare to running" (I was such a running snob, haha).  But after nursing injury after injury, I learned that spinning was really beneficial to my running and a great alternative to running when my body was beat.  Slowly I fell in love with cycling.  What was once something I forced myself to do to avoid overrunning became something I look forward to doing three times a week.  And that's when SoulCycle and FlyWheel came into my life.

Both have 45 minute classes, incorporate core and upper body workouts into spinning during class, have inspirational instructors (have never had a bad instructor at either), motivating playlists, and spa-like amenities (showers and fancy toiletries) but what it came down to for me what basic statistics:

First Class
1 Class
5 Classes
10 Classes
20 Classes
Unlimited Membership
Spin Shoes
$2/bottle or free filtered
Free filtered

Flywheel has cheaper classes, includes spin shoes, AND I get an extra three classes a month with ClassPass (I'm a ClassPass addict, click here to get $20 off of your first month). The room is also quite chilly vs. SoulCycle's very warm rooms, and makes me think my body is really sweating and not just being affected by the heat in the room.  Additionally, FlyWheel always provides stats for your ride in real time and keeps a history of it:

It's really motivating to see your name up on what FlyWheel calls it's "Torq Board" in class.  There are many instances during class when I think I can't turn up my torq anymore, or want to skip one of the sprint intervals but don't because I see my name flashing up on that board (Ahhhh! I hate when I'm last).  But what's even better is that FlyWheel keeps a history of these stats, so you can see/track your progress.

When it comes down to it, I think it's all about preference.  I like the numbers, I like seeing the objective improvement.  The competitive nature keeps me coming back and makes me want to buy all of the tanks at FlyWheel!

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  1. I've gotta agree with you! I love the stats from a Flywheel class, SoulCycle left me wondering if I was working hard or just sweating from the heat.

    1. I am obsessed with the stats!! Finally in the 270s range. Hoping next week is my 300 week!