United Airlines NYC Half Marathon Recap - March 20, 2016

The United Airlines NYC Half Marathon was hands down one of my favorite half marathons.  I love New York City and the half marathon takes you on the best tour of Manhattan by foot.  New York City is also full of amazing restaurants and opportunities to treat yourself a little.

Adam and I took the red eye flight from Los Angeles to Newark.  When we landed we took a Lyft into Manhattan (though I hear you can take AirTrain pretty easily to Penn Station).  We checked our bags into our hotel on the Lower East Side and took the Metro straight to Brooklyn where we had lunch at Peter Lugers':

It's pretty insane how many Zagat awards they have:

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We shared a medium rare steak for two, and it filled us up (no need for all of those sides, though I hear good things about their bacon!).  Peter Luger lives up to it's hype and is definitely one of the best steaks that I have ever had.  We took advantage of the gorgeous, gorgeous day and decided to walk through the Williamsburg bridge back into Manhattan:

Then we headed to the One World Trade Center.  Such a touristy attraction, but very well done and hits very close to home since we all remember where we were on September 11, 2001.  It was pretty incredible to see the amazing job they did on this tower, and how the people of New York always pull through together no matter what is thrown at them:

We used the rest of the day to explore Manhattan by foot:

St. Patrick's Cathedral

Rockefeller Center:

And, of course, no trip to NYC is complete without stopping by my favorite store:
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The next day we headed straight to the expo:

We had lunch at Carmine's.  Unfortunately we were so hungry that we didn't even snap a photo, but I did get to catch up with the my sweet MaryAnn:

Then we were off to Central Park to explore by bike (which I totally recommend instead of a shakeout run!):

Adam and I did a little more exploring by foot, then it was lights out early to get some good rest before the marathon.

It was insanely cold that morning (about 0 degrees C/32 degrees F), especially for my Angeleno blood!  Adam and I huddled under an old mylar blanket I saved from a previous race (I always save them now, after my friend Jen made a good point that they are the best and warmest throw aways!)

The race started in Central Park:

Went through Times Square:

And ended at about the Freedom Tower:

Adam and I stayed together from start to finish:

We had a much deserved brunch:

And explored the city one last time before heading back to Los Angeles: