What I Pack For a Destination Half/Marathon

If you follow me on Instagram you know that I love my destination races.  These days it's the only thing I travel for (besides work).  With that, I've become a pretty efficient packer.  My best piece of advice:  make a list of everything you use for a race, and pack everything into your carry-on.  I've seen people who have had their luggage lost days before a race and being forced to run in brand new shoes in a race they initially planned to PR in.  Trust me, you can get everything in that carry-on!   And while my list is pretty awesome, I recommend you use it as a guide for your own list, as we all have variations to what we like with us on race day!


  • Glide/Vaseline
  • Sunscreen
  • Water bottle (I always bring my own so I can hydrate as much as possible, and have no shame asking the waiter at a restaurant to fill it up on my way out)
  • Watch/Garmin
  • Fuel Belt
  • Hat/Headband
  • Gels/Bars that I've been training with
  • Band-aids
  • Socks
  • Tank
  • Sports Bra
  • Running tights and shorts (I always bring both just in case)
  • Long sleeve
  • Warm clothes to put on after the race
  • Headphones
  • Healthy snacks (for plane)
  • Sleep aid (I usually take melatonin, especially if there is a time change)
  • Emergen-C 
  • Ibuprofen (For after the race :)
  • Plastic bag (for stinky clothes)
  • Chargers (for headphones, iPhone, watch)
  • Hair ties
  • Mini foam roller
  • Neck pillow
  • Medical insurance card
  • Identification

Although I usually have all of this info on my iPhone, if you race is out of the country and you do not have easy access to the internet I would recommend a paper copy of these:

  • Race confirmation
  • Hotel confirmation
  • Flight confirmation
  • Copy of passport (always good when traveling internationally)
And of course any clothing and toiletries you will need before and after the race!