#beaTRYathletecontest: Going Beyond Basic Yoga for the First Time

Yoga has never, ever been my thing. I remember as far back as grade school P.E., all of the other girls were so bendy. And I simply was not, I was a swimmer. And swimmers weren't flexible. When I became a marathon runner in my late twenties I told myself the same thing -- runners aren't flexible! But after my first heartbreaking injury that put me out of running for almost 6 months, I did a little more research. I learned that yoga is complementary to my running, strengthens my runner legs, and can even point out imbalances indicating future injury. So yoga became my morning ritual. But when it came down to trying poses outside of my comfort zone, I told myself the same thing I've been telling myself since grade school: You are not bendy; you are not a yogi.

 Sometimes it can be incredibly easy to stay within your comfort zone. And even as someone who's dedicated to working out everyday, it can be difficult to remember that it's hard to grow inside of my comfort zone. Fortunately for me, vitaminwater challenged me to be a tryathlete. And I was reminded that everyone is a beginner in the beginning. So I started small, and what do you know, I nailed crow pose after my first couple of tries:

It got me thinking, what poses would I be doing now, if I just wasn't afraid to try the first time? What if we never stopped challenging ourselves to new things? What if every month, every week, every day we chose to live an epically bold life? What would we accomplish? What would we conquer?

In this contest vitaminwater encourages us all to be a tryathlete. Be a tryathlete and post video/photo content of your experience to social media for the chance to win some awesome prizes (including a trip to Rio in February -- ahhh!). To see all of the rules go to www.beatryathlete.com. I'd also love, love, love to see all of the your tryathlete adventures,, so don't forget to tag me in your post, too: @melliecay #beaTRYathletecontest

Don't be afraid to fail.  Be afraid to not try.