How I Wash My Workout Clothes

When you work a 40 hour workweek like I do, the truth is that it's hard to get your workouts in.  What's even harder?  Getting your laundry done!  It sounds pretty disgusting, but I usually do my workout in the morning then throw my gym clothes in the hamper in my trunk (yes, I have a hamper in my trunk).  While it is a better alternative than leaving it in the plastic bags the gym provides, what's even more disgusting is that I usually let it sit in there until the weekend arrives, or even worse... the following weekend.  Needless to say, I'm left with semi-dried out melliecay sweat all over my expensive workout clothes.

So when Persil ProClean approached me about trying their product, nerdy as it may seem, I was really excited to put it to the test.  Previously, I was putting three separate cleaning products into my washer to get my workout clothes clean (detergent, odor remover, and stain remover).  So I put my laundry that had been sitting in my trunk for 2 and a half weeks (insert monkey hiding face emoji here) in the wash with just Persil ProClean 2in1 and was pleasantly surprised when everything came out smelling amazing.  It's no wonder Persil ProClean 2in1 was rated #1 for smelly workout clothes by a leading consumer testing publications.

Our workout clothes are pretty damn expensive, they have compression, UV protection, antimicrobial, sweat wicking precious materials that we want to last as long as possible.  Here are some of my other tips for washing your workout clothes that I try to implement as much as I possibly can:
  1. Use quality detergent.  (Enter Persil ProClean 2in1!  For a coupon click here:  And don't use too much of it.  When too much detergent is left on your clothes (which happens when you use too much), it can build up nasty stuff on your workout clothes on top of your sweat.  
  2. Wash them as soon as possible.  And if you can't do that, at least put them in a place where they can dry out (like a hamper in the back of your car, haha!  I hang mine on the sides of the hamper so it has room to dry).
  3. Turn them inside out.  It protects the part of the clothes that you see on the outside, and gets into that armpit sweat a little easier (gross, but so necessary lol).
  4. Ditch fabric softeners.  They, too, can cause build up on your workout clothes.
  5. Hang dry them.  It's pretty annoying because it can take forever, but the heat is bad for your $100+ tights that make your bum look amazing.  If you're in a hurry, at least wait for it using the tumble dry mode.
And that my friends, is how I stay SMELLIEcay free.

This post was sponsored by my friends @PersilProClean, as always all opinions expressed are my own.

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