How to Maintain a Fit and Healthy Lifestyle While on Vacation

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I travel a lot.  Whether it's for my 9-5, a race, or just to explore... I travel for over 40% of the year.  One of the things that I have struggled with the most is maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle while on vacation.  Here are some of the things I have implemented to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle while on vacation:

1. I schedule my workouts.
I make a point to schedule my workouts and work my out of town schedule around the workouts.  This can be something as easy as a 30 minute plyometric workout in my hotel room, exploring the city by foot with a run, or booking an expensive cycling class that I wouldn't miss just because it cost me so much. Either way, penciling in ahead of time ensures you've made time for it.

2. I make "working out" a group activity.
What better way to explore a new city than by foot? Scheduling time to do a walk or hike with the group I'm with guarantees getting steps in and heart rates up! Bonus?  The group helps keep me accountable.

3. I up my protein intake.
It's so easy to overeat on vacation.  I find that upping my protein intake keeps me injury free (since the stuff you eat on vacation doesn't always have a ton of protein), makes me fuller longer, and powers me for my workouts and long hours exploring a new city!

My favorite protein shake right now is Core Power.  When I'm at home, I always drink it as a post recovery beverage.  And when I'm on vacation I drink it to make sure I'm getting enough protein in.  One bottle of Core Power contains 26g of high quality complete protein.

Even better?  Core Power is made from 100% fairlife ultra-filtered milk and all of the protein found in Core Power comes from the milk itself.  And there isn't a chalky taste since there are no protein powders added in Core Power.

I can always find it no matter what state I am in the U.S.!  So I know even when I'm not home in Los Angeles, I can have the comforts of a protein shake I already know and love.

4. I tell everyone on social media I'm going to workout.
Best way to stay accountable?  I brag to all of my friends that I'm working out on social media.  Haha, this is always my last resort!  It may seem like a bit much but sometimes I have to be that person to make sure I get my workout in.  And to be honest, I've noticed that the more I post about my upcoming workouts on social, the more likely I am to stick to my plan.

How do you stay fit and healthy while on vacation?

This post was sponsored by my friends at fairlife, LLC, as always all opinions expressed are my own.


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