How to Unleash Your Awesome During Recovery

As you know, I just ran New York Marathon.  Anyone who is a marathon runner knows that  sometimes the hardest thing is to sit back and let your body go through the recovery process, when all you want to go is get back out there! I wanted to share a few words of advice on how to unleash your awesome, especially during recovery. 

1. Literally wear your medal everywhere after the race. 
Admittedly, this was a practice I always thought was a bit weird. But now that I have completed 5 marathons (and 5 marathons wiser now, haha), it’s a great way to celebrate your race!  It doesn’t matter if you PR’ed or just barely crossed the finish line.  At the end of the day you just completed something only 1% of the population challenges themselves to.  And you are a rockstar!!

2. Go to yoga.
As a runner, I used to scoff at yoga.  But here’s the truth: yoga strengthens your glutes, hamstrings, core, the list can go on and on.  It also helps improve your balance.  All things that are amazing for runners.  Added bonus?  It helps you stay injury free.  In fact, since incorporating yoga in my life, I have been injury free!

3. Increase your protein intake.
This was something I always neglected doing.  But, no joke, my recovery always is so much faster when my protein intake is high.  Find easy ways to up it.  When I was in New York, I let myself go to my favorite steakhouse guilt-free!  And when I was traveling back to Los Angeles, I reached for Core Power, since one bottle contains 26g High Quality Complete Protein. Strawberry banana is my current fav, tastes amazing, and doesn’t have any artificial flavors or sweeteners! Core Power is designed as a post workout recovery beverage and provides high-quality complete protein to people at all levels of physical ability and activity. So no matter what level of workouts you might do, it really is great for anyone and I encourage you to try it too!

4. Get a massage.
Best way to celebrate how awesome you are?  Get a massage (maybe not directly after a race, haha but a few days after, for sure)!  Give yourself much needed R&R, because you deserve it.

5. Reflect.
Think about what worked during this race and learn from it.  Most of all, no matter what time you clocked, remember how amazing you are to even challenge yourself to something this big.  At the end of the day, no one can take away that feeling you get when you cross the finish line. :)

This post is sponsored by my friends at fairlife, LLC. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.