Start to Finish (Line): My Weekend in Tempe for RnR Arizona Half Marathon

Traveling for a half marathon is on the top of my list of my favorite things to do! So when Tempe Tourism asked me to come to Tempe for Rock n Roll Half Marathon - Arizona, I was so excited! Even though I only live 5 hours driving distance from Arizona, I had never really explored the area much and was excited to see what it was all about.

We arrived pretty late Friday morning and slept in.  Felt so nice to sleep in after having a crazy week at work.  We started out our Saturday at Tempe Public Market Cafe.  It just opened the weekend we went, and looked so cool on Instagram!

I started my day with an almond milk latte and a breakfast burrito (for protein and carbs before my race the next day!). What I loved most about Tempe Public Market Cafe was that they offer fresh market cuisine crafted with seasonal ingredients.  This means that their food is sourced from farm to table, and their menu will change as the seasons do!

After brunch, we headed to Phoenix Marriott Tempe at The Buttes, a mountaintop hotel with a hiking trail.  I wanted to get an easy hike in and shake out my legs for the race on Sunday.

I never knew there were even hikes in Tempe, so I was excited to get some light cardio in before my race and enjoy some awesome views of the city.

Afterwards, Adam and I headed to get compression therapy for our legs.  This is something I do before every race.  I just search for 'compression therapy' on Yelp and usually every city has one!  Compression therapy helps increase circulation and speed up recovery -- making you feel like you have brand new legs for a race!

We picked up our bibs and then got some last minute items to prep for our race. 

Then it was time for dinner!  Race hack: always order your carboload dinner to-go! Usually all of the pasta spots before a race have long waits! I, personally, need lots of shut eye before a race, so I always order my dinner before to-go for destination races and bring it to my hotel room.  For this race, I ordered from RigaTony's Authentic Italian Restaurant.  I definitely recommend everything I got: eggplant tomato bruschetta, baked rigatony, and tiramisu! So yum!!

Then it was lights out (at 9pm haha) to get some good sleep in our king sized bed before the race!

Getting to the race was super easy from the hotel we were staying in (Tempe Mission Palms Hotel). During race weekend, one of the things that is a must for me is staying at a hotel that is close to either the start or finish line, and luckily for us the Tempe Mission Palms Hotel was just a few blocks from both the start and finish line!

It was an incredibly beautiful day in Tempe! And the temperature was perfect for a half marathon (I was worried it'd be super hot or super cold since we were in the desert).

And just like that, I was done with my 22nd half marathon:

After our the race, we decided to take it easy until our massage. I hung out at the pool at the hotel: Tempe Mission Palms Hotel and tried to hydrate as much as possible (so important after a race!).  I loved the view from their rooftop pool (and loved even more that I didn't even have to hike to get enjoy that view, haha).

Then it was time for some R&R!   After every race I like to treat myself and always always in a form of a massage, haha!  We were lucky enough to get a couple's massage in at Narande Spa at Phoenix Marriott Tempe at The Buttes in Tempe. Afterwards, my muscles felt brand new again!

Another must for me after a race is to treat myself to a high protein meal.  We didn't want to drive the car, so we just walked across the street from our hotel to Caffe Boa.  I ordered the calamari fritti, a cheese and meat plate, and the rib eye steak (protein!!!) --- none of which disappointed (insert drooling emoji here):

Ending our trip to Tempe with runners' high and full bellies!  Since we didn't want to take any days off of work, it was such a short trip for us.  There was so much more I wanted to explore and do -- which means that I will just have to come back!  Would definitely stay in Tempe again for our next trip to Arizona!

This post is sponsored by my friends at Tempe Tourism. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.