adidas Runners x Run for the Oceans: Your Questions Answered!

If you've been following my on Instagram, you have probably seen all of my posts about running events.  I can't divulge all of the information just yet, but I can tell you that adidas Runners is finally coming to Los Angeles (we're one of their last major cities!).  And I, along with the other captains, will be hosting events in Los Angeles County to draw awareness for Run for the Oceans, prep for the kick off this momentous movement, and just make new friends!

I've been getting lots of questions about the events lately.  So I wanted to put them all into one place for you guys, so you feel super comfortable about signing up and coming for a run!

Are the events free?
Yes, the events are 100% free.  For these kick offs, we will give T-shirts to the first 100 people and there will be light bites and drinks (for 21 and over with ID) too!

What is Run for the Oceans?
adidas, Parley for the Oceans and Runtastic have come together to raise awareness: between June 8 and July 8 we are running for the oceans! adidas will donate US$ 1 for every kilometer run, capped at one million US dollars, to the Parley Ocean Plastic Program. Learn more about the cause here:

What is adidas Runners?
To quote their website: An international movement of runners and urban athletes committed to personal growth, friendship, and the power of sports. /// A running movement led by community coaches who help you improve as an athlete: in movement, nutrition, mindset, gear and recovery.  Learn more about adidas Runners and find out if they are in your city by going to

How do I get an adidas Runners shirt?
Come to events! Unfortunately, you can't purchase them -- but the good news is they are free and earned by showing up to running sessions. We even have a little mini ceremony!

I'm not much of a runner, I'm afraid to come because I feel like I may get left behind.
We will accommodate to all paces!  Someone will take the front and back of the pack.  And we will have a good time together. :) Plus, something magical happens when you commit yourself to running with others — you will end up improving your speed just by showing up!

Can I bring a friend?
Yes, the more the merrier!

Should I carry water for the runs?
Water is provided before and after the run.  If you usually have water during your run, I would recommend bringing it.

I would love to get involved with adidas Runners, how do I get more info?
Come to any of our store pop-up events, and talk to any of the captains.  Tell us about your journey, keep in touch, and come to events frequently.

When is your next event?
The next event I will be hosting will be at Proper in Long Beach on Monday 7/2/2018.  Sign up can be found here.  To stay up to date with all upcoming events visit my events page frequently, I will be adding all of the adidas Runners events there as I get the info!


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