Why I #ChooseActive

With my wedding officially less than 1 year away, I made a promise to myself to #ChooseActive everyday.  As someone who already works out 5-6 times a week, how do I do that without overdoing it?  With the decision to #ChooseActive.  What does that mean?  Making small changes that add up to big changes.  Here are some changes I made in my everyday life that are making big changes in my overall health:

1. Walking instead of driving.  My gym and grocery story are less than a mile away from my home and Target is less than a mile from my workplace.  So often I choose to drive to run errands or workout, when I could be walking.  Choosing to walk adds lots of steps and calories burned to my day.   Bonus? Less gasoline to re-fuel!

2. Using the stairs instead of the elevator/escalator.  I am super guilty of using the elevator because I have too many bags to carry, or I just did a cycling class.  Stairs are an awesome way to get my heart rate up midday. Bonus?  Helps shape the bum!

3. Taking an evening walk after dinner with my fiancé.  I'm super lucky to live across the street from the beach.  The sad thing, is I rarely take advantage of it.  Adding an evening walk after dinner is a quick way to burn some calories and aid digestion. In fact, researchers have found that a post-meal walk, as short as 15 minutes, can help with digestion and improve blood sugar levels. Bonus?  Quality time with my fiancé and an awesome view.

With all of these new changes, I needed a deodorant designed for women who choose to live active lifestyles. When going from gym to walk, to work, to stairs, to work again, then maybe even to gym again, I needed something that helped me feel odor-free and confident throughout the day. Secret Active is specially formulated for women who lead active lifestyles, so the more you sweat, the more protection you get! The proprietary technology traps odor, locks it away and replaces it with a refreshing scent. Secret Active in Clear Gel kept me dry and odor-free for 48 hours (super amazing for someone who moves all day every day like I do)! Secret Active is available at CVS for purchase – I highly recommend trying it yourself, can check it out directly by going to: bit.ly/chooseactive! Bonus? Smells amazing too.

This post is sponsored by my friends at Secret Deodorant. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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