#adidasRunnersLA x Women's Run+ Kick Off Event

It's crazy to think that there was a time in my life that I could count the number of female friends I had on one hand.  For years, insecurity consumed me, and I found myself distancing myself from women for any reason I could come up with.  It wouldn't be until running entered by life that I would realize the beauty of strong female relationships.

The most beautiful thing about female friendship, to me, is its strength. Women make each other more resilient because, when female friendship is done right, it is the source of confidence, reassurance, comfort, joy and candor that can truly guide you through life.

Which is why I'm so happy to announce that we have officially launched our Women's Run+ program with #adidasRunnersLA!  Twice a month we will run, we will laugh, building confidence as we make new confidants.

What is Run+? Exactly how it sounds, a run plus... something to build strength, mobility, and friendships.

Last week we kicked off with a 2 mile selfie paced (comfortable enough to take a selfie!) run.

Followed by Yoga Sculpt to build lean, strong muscles for even more powerful runs.

We ended our night, stronger, faster and closer than we were before.

As someone who was never a runner, I know what it's like to join a running group and feeling a little intimidated.  Haha, in fact, the first time I ever joined a run club I lost the group I was running with because I was just so slow. That's why I'm making it my mission to make Women's Run+ the best possible way to start.

Interested in joining #adidasRunnersLA?  Drop me an email at info@melliecay.com and I'll send you the details!


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