Coreology DTLA Review


Cross-training is so important for runners because it helps strengthen non-running muscles and help rest the muscles used to run. I’ve made it my goal to incorporate at least 4 days of strength training in addition to my 3 days of running/week. Pilates has quickly become one of my favorite ways to cross-train. Since it’s foundation is based on using core muscles, it helps make my core super strong, making my runs even stronger.

A few days ago I took a Coreology class with Caitlyn in DTLA that kicked my butt. I took their XFormer® Workout, which is described on their website as:

“Programmed specifically to ensure proper body mechanics and muscle recruitment so your body can function at its highest level. Targets the full body while paying special attention to the two most commonly neglected muscle groups: deep core stabilizers and glutes. Uses constant tension and slow, controlled movements to maximize visible results and eliminate the risk of injury.”

Here’s what I loved about the class:

  1. Caitlyn was super easy to follow. Her instructions were clear and to the point, getting us seamlessly from one move to the other.

  2. It’s two days later.. and I’m almost ashamed to admit this but I’m more sore than yesterday. Seriously, I run marathons for fun and rarely get sore from running. This class was a reminder that I definitely need more cross training.

  3. I loved the added element of cardio bursts. For example, adding mountain climbers to any plank can make a huge difference from challenging to… are my abs literally on fire?

  4. It was challenging and difficult, but not so much that I would never come back. In the past, I’ve definitely taken classes that make me never want to come back to that studio again. Not the case with Coreology. Everyone was incredibly friendly, and so accommodating to newbies.

  5. Parking was free and validated for two hours (haha this is a BIG deal in LA).


What I think could be improved:

  1. As a group fitness instructor myself, I would have loved to hear more modifications. I saw some of the other girls straight up give up in the middle of section! Modifications help those struggling keep moving.

  2. I wished we weren’t moving from the front of the machine to the back of the machine so darn often! It felt like it was hard to get a rhythm since we were constantly moving from the front to the back.

Overall, I loved the class so much! It was incredibly challenging, and focused mostly on the core and glutes — two things often neglected by runners (it me, I am runners). Their XFormer® Workout made me realize that a little bit of Coreology every week could help improve my running so much!


Ready to try out? At the time of this post, first timers can get two classes for $28. Just visit their website:

All photos by Jenae Lien.