Training Mate WeHo Review

There’s nothing better than finding a studio in LA that makes kicking your butt so much fun. In LA, it can feel like every other block is another “boutique studio”, and sometimes it can be easy to take a class that is a miss. In search of good studios in LA, I tried Training Mate in West Hollywood yesterday and it did not disappoint!


What is Training Mate? According to their website, “Training Mate is a circuit based 45 minute HIIT (high intensity interval training) class that uses a combination of resistance and cardiovascular exercises to burn up to 1,000 calories in a single session.” My first reaction to this was, well that sounds freakin’ hard. I have a naturally slow heart rate, and it usually takes me up to 10 miles to burn 1,000 calories, so I was initially pretty skeptical about their claim to burn 1,000 calories!

So yesterday, I gathered up my adidas Runners LAdies and we tried out Training Mate in WeHo. It was definitely challenging but in all honesty, each interval is only 45 seconds long, making even the most painful circuits do-able. You can do anything for 45 seconds, right?! The class I took was full body with an upper body focus, ranging from everything from ropes to kettlebell deadlifts. There are three stations in three sections. You rotate though each station three times each then move on to a different section. But wait, you’re not done yet!


After the workout you are led outside to do about 10 mins of abs, everything from belly up core to side planks to slow bicycles with a few sets of 10 second sprinting.

The workout out was intense, but so much fun with Reuben (our instructor) who made sassy jokes all throughout class. In the end, I burned over 400 calories (according to my Apple Watch), which is actually pretty high for me (my 1 hour workouts are usually in the 300 calorie range).

The workout was so much fun, and even more fun with my girls by side. I would definitely come back again! I only wish there was a studio that was closer to me.